M-Wave International began as West-Tronics, Inc. by Clare Turek, a former Motorola engineer and his partner, Larry West.  Joseph (“Joe”) Turek, now owner of M-Wave International, LLC, cut his teeth in the business as a teenager in the early 70’s.

By the early 80’s the company became known as Poly Circuits and was in full-scale assembly and production in the western suburbs of Chicago. Under Joe Turek the company had shifted to producing high-performance circuit boards for the power side of the emerging wireless telecom industry.  By this time Joe, now an advance degreed electrical engineer, had taken the helm of the Company, and developed a half dozen patented processes for bonding metals to circuit boards.  Clare Turek retired and Joe acquired the assets with a partner.

In 1992, a parent company, M-Wave, Inc., was created as a holding company for Poly Circuits and a Texas operation that manufactured for medical and military applications. It became public on the Nasdaq stock market that year.  It was during this period of growth that several of the patented processes for bonding high performance circuit boards using a proprietary adhesive product, found a fertile market among certain telecom OEM’s.  However, by 2002 the telecom boom turned bust, and Poly Circuits was retired as a manufacturer in 2003.  M-Wave, Inc. became the operating company and moved forward with its plans to become a “fab-less” Asian manufacturer.

M-Wave, Inc. was one of the first “virtual” manufacturers (of Asian circuit boards and assemblies) in the U.S. to partner and Asian source its products, from simple to complex, as production turned east to low cost countries (LCC’s): China, Hong Kong, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore, and Taiwan.

By 2004 M-Wave had rebuilt its place as an innovative leader using Asian virtual manufacturing as its core business. In 2005 the company entered an expansion phase of its product lines to include metal fabricated parts such as metal extrusions, stampings and castings.  Following that, plastic injection and blow molded parts, cable harnesses and other custom and semi-finished products complimented the core PCB and printed circuit board assembly (“PCBA”) business.

The Company also offered customers a wider array of value-added services that included international logistics, production process consulting, demand forecasting and innovative stocking programs including: just-in-time, demand-pull, Kanban, controlled consignments and in-plant stores.

On January 2009, the assets of M-Wave, Inc. were sold to Joe Turek and Bob Duke and are now known as M-Wave International, LLC (MWI).  The corporate headquarters is based in a 22,000 square foot facility located in Itasca, Illinois in the northwest suburbs of Chicago.

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