Companies have taken seriously the notion of forecasting demand and supply to manufacturing when sourcing from Asia. In some cases an attempt is made to establish in-country presence, acquire demand forecasting technology solutions, often with a result of over-or-under buying products there.  While initially well conceived, the results do not measure up in real world outcomes.

M-Wave has, for more than 20 years, operated in Asia and knows the best metrics are often frustrated by unexpected changes with customer demand or in Chinese supply. So it has dealt with contingency plans historically, and makes certain it has the maximum leverage with its production partners, whether local or international, and that safety stocks are a part of planning.

M-Wave has a history of helping its customers to improve delivery time, lower production costs, developing back-up production to counter disruptions when they occur, calculate and forecast throughput and trends as they evolve. This reduces customer obsolescence and fulfillment risks; minimizes on-balance-sheet inventory and increases visibility to the Asian supply chain.


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“Our company was recently purchased and the new management wanted our products to be manufactured in China. We have a staff of two and the thought of dealing with people on the other side of the planet, in a different time zone, a different language and a different measurement and monetary system was giving me …

—MG in Milwaukee, VP of Finance for a tier two automotive products manufacturer.

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