Many Asian electronics and electro-mechanical manufacturers are motivated by higher revenue per order. This optimizes their own production scheduling, and so, are mainly interested in larger volume customers.  Low-volume, high-mix customers frequently find their schedules and costs being adjusted as their local or international suppliers shift priority resources favoring their biggest accounts.  M-Wave not only focuses on low-volume, high-mix customers but differentiates itself as specializing in this segment of the electronics and electro-mechanical market.  Moreover, it is one of few suppliers that will allow its lower volume customers to enjoy just-in-time, demand-pull, kanban, in-plant stocking programs that make a significant difference in customer inventory turnover performance and cash flow preservation.

M-Wave is about building lasting relationships. We strive to satisfy all our customers, many of which have struggled endlessly to control quality and delivery issues with large suppliers, or even attempting to go direct before switching to us.  We further differentiate ourselves by controlling the entire supply chain where the customer simply determines how and when they take delivery of electronic parts, assemblies or finished products; avoiding many of the frustrations of managing production, supplier audits, packaging, logistics, compliance, storage, delivery, warehousing and overall costs.

The interest in lower volume, higher mix production – often higher unit costs per part – allows customers to gain low-cost country pricing plus higher level services they otherwise would not enjoy. M-Wave works on one product or a marketbasket of products allowing customers maximum flexibility.


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