NCAB Group acquires M-Wave PCB Division

NCAB Group acquires M-Wave PCB Division NCAB Group, one of the world’s largest suppliers of Printed Circuit Boards, with headquarters in Sweden, on the 21st of May 2014, has acquired 100% of M-Wave International, LLC’s PCB Division. Based in Chicago … Continue reading

M-Wave International to expand in Glendale Heights

M-Wave International’s director Jim Mayer interviewed by the Daily Herald Business Ledger’s Kris Mikus on the recent announcement on the company’s re-shoring of some of its Asian assembly operations, and the expansion of employment as it moves to suburban Glendale Heights in the western suburbs of Chicago. Continue reading


Itasca, Illinois, October 11, 2013: M-Wave International (MWI) a printed circuit board, circuit board assembly, global sourcing and supply chain company with historic manufacturing origins dating back nearly 40 years in the Chicago area, announced it would begin providing domestic electronic assembly services early in 2014 when it relocates to a facility in west suburban Glendale Heights that will more than double its space, and increase its local employment about 25%.

Continue reading

EXCESS & OBSOLETE INVENTORY: A Diminishing Asset with Hidden Costs

EXCESS & OBSOLETE INVENTORY: A Diminishing Asset with Hidden Costs By: Herbert C. Shields, CMC One of the issues that can affect the valuation of a manufacturing or distribution business is the amount of inventory on hand that is classified … Continue reading

ON TIME DELIVERY: In job-based production, it may not be what you think

ON TIME DELIVERY: In job-based production, it may not be what you think By: Kent Vincent One of the only metrics that attempts to look at time as part of overall performance monitoring is the on-time delivery (O-T-D) measure, which … Continue reading

Collaboration at OEM’s Works With All Managerial Levels

Collaboration at OEM’s Works With All Managerial Levels But what’s standing in its way? By: Jim Mayer Attention CEO’s and all managers as well….Collaboration can no longer be dismissed as a touchy-feely buzzword.  If so, the results have been buzzing … Continue reading

The New Breed: Value Added Suppliers

Many smaller manufacturing businesses today don’t have access to manufacturing in low-cost countries like China. This puts them at a distinct disadvantage to their larger competitors that maintain the staffing necessary and volume to buy direct from foreign contract manufacturers. However, the strategic use of Value-added Suppliers (VAS’s) levels the playing field that small original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) needED to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. Continue reading

Challenges Facing US Manufacturing Today

Jim Mayer, Director at M-Wave, shares his thoughts about the challenges facing US manufacturing today and how they can improve their chances tomorrow. Historically, recessions in the United States have tended to originate in the manufacturing sector. Each school of … Continue reading


Internal silos within companies can harm vendor or supplier collaborations leading to a less efficient and profitable supply chain Continue reading

Everyone Loses in a US vs. China Trade War – by Gordon Orr, Chairman McKinsey Asia

  The US Department of Commerce’s recent decision to launch an investigation into Chinese solar panel manufacturers is a new marker of the friction between the US and China. Seven American solar-equipment manufacturers have claimed that their Chinese counterparts enjoy … Continue reading

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Listen to Jim Mayer speak about Challenges Facing US Manufacturing Today here

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“Our company was recently purchased and the new management wanted our products to be manufactured in China. We have a staff of two and the thought of dealing with people on the other side of the planet, in a different time zone, a different language and a different measurement and monetary system was giving me …

—MG in Milwaukee, VP of Finance for a tier two automotive products manufacturer.

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