A core competency of M-Wave International is printed circuit board assemblies.

Small and medium OEM’s typically depend on contract manufacturers to provide the capability, experience, and workforce to launch their products. Larger companies have lower volumes and higher mixes where low cost country pricing is important. These needs can be fulfilled readily by M-Wave International.

When seeking to outsource circuit board assembly in Asia, the need for this expertise and tested work centers are significantly important to contract and OEM producers.

From our origins nearly four decades ago, as a bare and populated circuit board manufacturer, circuit board assembly has been a core focus of what M-Wave can do for its customers.  Our specialty is low-volume, high-mix, and often high-value Asian sourced, build-to-print parts with value-added services at no additional cost to customers.

Every job is manufactured in compliance with standards adopted by UL, QS900, RoHS, ISO 9001-2000 and other appropriate certifications. This also ensures that product manufacturing is done according to the customer’s environmental and regulatory requirements.

We offer contract manufacturing from concept to mechanicals; to production, packing and transportation; and supply chain management services that few competitors offer smaller volume customers. From prototype to production we can fulfill customer manufacturing requirements in Asia as-if it were handled domestically, but saving considerable money. M-Wave’s Asia operations can provide:

Mechanical Assembly

MWI partners can handle mechanical assembly needs. We ensure all components are assembled in one process, at one location, reducing shipping and inventory costs.  Our partners inspect (and in some cases test) on-site, assuring high quality consistently.  Some of the processes provided through M-Wave include: chassis and sub-assembly fabrication, light mechanical assembly, and component research when change orders or revisions are required during production.

Mixed Technology Assembly

Using our multiple Chinese partners’ state-of-the-art equipment we are able to manufacture assemblies encompassing a range of mixed technologies. Flexibility in handling unusual pad layouts and bonding as-well other manual processes are possible. Most assemblies can be inspected using automated optical inspection machines as well older, labor intensive test and inspection processes also.

Surface-Mount Assembly

We deliver high quality surface-mount technology (SMT) products through the use of modern, well maintained SMT lines that are operated by trained professionals. Our Chinese SMT lines are capable of handling both low volume and high-mix production requirements. MWI can perform single and double sided component placements, mixture of SMT automatic and manual component assemblies and through-hole assemblies.  Our partners also employ statistical and CNC (computer numerically controlled) methods and techniques to analyze and direct processes so that we can minimize or eliminate the defects in our assemblies.  But real gains can be made on labor intensive manual processes are needed as well, when done in Asia.

Through-Hole Assembly

By using state of the art semi-automatic and automatic insertion equipment and ensuring proper tape and reel component procurement, we deliver timely and low-cost solutions. Our Asian partners offer both automated and hand assembly of through-hole components. Our assembly lines support both simple and complex PCB assemblies.


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