M-Wave International provides wiring harnesses and cable assemblies from our work centers in Asia.  On low-volume, high-mix requirements we can provide both competitive prices and value-added services like inspection, supply chain services and stocking programs.

We serve smaller OEM’s that often need wiring harnesses, assemblies, cabling and services related to M-Wave’s market basket supply capabilities.

Wire harnesses are usually designed according to geometric and electrical capacity requirements. A computer generated layout schematic is then provided for the assembly preparation and assembly.

In spite of increasing automation, in general, harnesses continue to be manufactured by hand, and this will likely remain the case for the foreseeable future. In part, this is due to the many different processes involved, such as:

  • Crimping terminals onto wires, particularly for so-called multiple crimps (more than one wire into one terminal),
  • fastening strands with tape, clamps or cable ties,
  • inserting one sleeve into another,
  • routing wires through sleeves,
  • taping with fabric tape, in particular on branch outs from wire strands.

As such, these requirements favor China production where the labor-intensive processes can be considerably more cost-effective.  Asian production may be more cost effective than domestic automation but even so, some processes are so customized that they may be best produced domestically, especially with respect to certain end products like medical and military related products.

M-Wave can produce harnesses or cable assemblies to your specifications, or acquire assemblies and incorporate them as an adjunct to box builds that include circuit boards or other parts that are ultimately assembled in Asia by M-Wave partners.

Asian Wire-harness Assembly

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“Our company was recently purchased and the new management wanted our products to be manufactured in China. We have a staff of two and the thought of dealing with people on the other side of the planet, in a different time zone, a different language and a different measurement and monetary system was giving me …

—MG in Milwaukee, VP of Finance for a tier two automotive products manufacturer.

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