M-Wave considers each opportunity on an individual basis, but we very generally define our target customers and their production of Asian electro-mechanical products including: circuit boards, assemblies, metal or plastic parts, wire harnesses and special request manufacturing services as:



  • < 2500 total parts, assemblies or stock keeping units (SKU’s) per year
  • < $200,000 aggregate spend
  • < A desire to reduce spend by sourcing from Asia

They may also require more sophisticated services like: bills of material planning and component purchasing, just-in time stocking, intermediate warehousing, pre or post shipment inspection/testing, specialized pre-production packaging; even drop shipping or intermediate warehousing.

As such, M-Wave is a good fit for companies that are not manufacturing high-volume products including: original equipment manufacturers (OEM’s) specialized producers of electronics, electro-mechanical products, sub-assemblies, or other labor-intensive, commercial products.

M-Wave’s teams are focused on this business niche. Our production partners, largely in southern China, are geared and attentive to our needs, and respond with both pricing and quality that reflect our leverage and relationships. Our staff in the U.S. and China includes Chinese managers who have both lived and worked in China and understand not only the language but business and local customs.

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“Our company was recently purchased and the new management wanted our products to be manufactured in China. We have a staff of two and the thought of dealing with people on the other side of the planet, in a different time zone, a different language and a different measurement and monetary system was giving me …

—MG in Milwaukee, VP of Finance for a tier two automotive products manufacturer.

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